Tuesday, August 08, 2006


When we talked about the polo shirt as it article clothing a mark comes to us at the top, Ralph Lauren . In his Web surprises the great variety that can partly be found thanks to the possibility "create your own" thanks to which you can create your own shirt choosing the color of he himself and the one of logo. Emphasizing "polo vintage", that is even characterized by its aging and in some models to be until stained, like "destroyed" by Abercrombie & fitch .

If we are going to play the pole, is necessary to talk about Hackett sponsor of pole of the british army and the London rowing equipment among others. Also we have to speak about La Martina , dedicated to produce all products of this sport. But we are going away to play crickett, we will go to Kent & Curwen . Founded by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen on 1926 is going to establish a store in Conduit street in London.

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Hiding Pup said...

There's no denying that Ralph Lauren polo shirts are beautifully designed and beautifully made. The latter, in particular, is a testament to the skill of the workers that produce them. Sadly, Ralph Lauren seems to have a hideous track record of exploiting these workers, to the point of indecency and beyond.


To be honest, I don't know whether all the info on the above link is true but I'm assuming Ralph Lauren would have sucessfully sued the website already if it wasn't so...

Anonymous said...

Real interesting information. I´ll
take a look, I knew Crockett&Jones made shoes for him, and all the purple label it was made in Italy, but I hadn´t idea about exploiting workers, if is true it wouldn´t only an indecency but a real shame...

Hiding Pup said...

Napoleon, where are you? and how about a post on wallets, now my own is falling apart? :-)


Hi hiding pup,I am on holidays. Next post was going to be about Riva but perhaps it will be about my gucci´s new wallet...sometimes I become a fashion victim!!