Saturday, July 15, 2006


Although it is by all the well-known liking to the existing hunting in England, is interesting to allude to three icons of world-wide fame, with enormous tradition as much in the scope of the hunting like in the clothes and complements necessary to enjoy the English countryside.

Purdey & sons

In the first place Purdey & sons , possibly the most prestigious manufacturer of guns and rifles of the world. Founded on 1814, already he was distinguished as real supplier by queen Victoria, showing at the present time three distinctions of the real House: of queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Edimburg and Prince Charles. Located in the Audley House, 57-58 of South Audley street, its supply is not restricted to its famous rifles but that offers an enormous variety of complements, from all type of clothes, including exclusive footwear and complements like the crystal binoculars painted by hand or the limited series that annually Panerai
it comes developing in exclusive right for them whom never the number of 100 units exceeds.

Swaine Adeney Brigg

Another outstanding store is Swaine Adeney Brigg , located in number 54 of St James and who also counts on three real distinctions. Founded on 1750, it emphasizes by the variety of his supply, from the clothes and sastrería for the hunting, the pole or the equitación to his excellent umbrellas, canes, suitcases and everything what it is possible to be thought to enjoy unforgettable picnic.


Finally Cordings would be possible to emphasize, located in number 19 of Picadilly. Founded on 1839, it has maintained an exclusive customer, from Duke de Windsor to Conan-Doyle, happening through different members from the Real House, to celebrities like Bryan Ferry or Eric Clapton, present co-owner of the store. In her all the necessary one of the purest English style can be bought. From elegant suits of tweed, with a single opening and three bellboys, happening through its well-known shirts to pictures tattersall, raincoats, shelters, to its incredible supply of trousers of velveteen, molesquín or fabric calvary. Its relation quality price is very good and even the “baggy extra fours” or as it pledges habitual.

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