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It does already more than 130 years, Florentine Ariosto Jones founded the International company watch company on Switzerland but the qualified personnel of Geneva was there distrustful and he was against its plans and then he went to Schaffhausen next to Johann Heinrich Moser who made pocket clocks in this locality.

IWC Mark history

The first link of the aviator clocks was the IWC Mark IX who dates from year 1936 and counted on a mechanism of manual cord caliber 83. In 1945 it was created the Mark X whom the “Broad Arrow” takes to engraving in its box and the letters w.w.w abbreviation of watch wrist waterproof. Also in the Forties, the Great watch of aviator with a box of 55mm of diameter and equipped with a mechanism of watch of modified pocket of IWC
made caliber 52s.c. The following one of the saga was made Mark XI between 1948 and 1984, being its main buyers the Royal Air British Force and air lines worldwide. It counted on a mechanism of manual cord caliber 89.

In 1988 it left to the market the chronograph aviator who appears in the photo and that I have the luck to have. Of 1992 it is the Double chronograph and already in 1993 IWC Mark XII, updated version of the Mark XI and who later would be replaced by IWC Mark XV. In 1998 the flying watch UTC makes, that is characterized by a window in which the universal time continues working parallelly the own hour of the watch. In 2002 the Great watch of aviator with caliber 5011 is already created, reinterpretación of the created one in the Forties with a box of 46,2mm. Finally it is necessary to mention recently been born IWC Mark XVI in two sizes.

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Has there ever been made a IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater in stainless steel with a black face?

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