Saturday, July 15, 2006


Jermyn street is the nucleus of the shirtmakers in London. Perhaps less most well-known and than better Benson and clegg has known to conserve the tradition, is located in picadilly arcade and tailors of king Jorge I SAW, that they only sell preparation to size as much of shirts as of suits in addition to the neckties of the different regiments. Not less traditional but more well-known Turnbull & asser
, in the number 71 and shirtmakers of prince of Wales, who counts on a great fabric selection and emphasizes by his excellent shirts and neckties. In number 77 we were with Harvie & hudson, with its shirts of bold rays and his semi-cutaway collar. New & Lingwood, is not necessary to forget with its showy shirts to rays and their magnificent footwear, and Hilditch & key with establishment in numbers 37 and 73. More extended but of superb relation quality-price, T.M.Lewin that it offers three types of different necks (windsor, pow and prince of wales) and Hawes and Curtis , tailors of the windsor Duke, that tries to recover the prestige reached in its day. Finally, of is had to mention Budd piccadilly, strictly familiar shirt shop of the great prestige and Hackett symbol of british kit.

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Hiding Pup said...

You leave out the other supply of fantastic shirts: travelling tailors from the Far East, who set up in London hotels, measure you, email those measurements back to their laser-guided fabric cutting devices, and then send finished shirts back to you in the post. I recommend Raja Fashions for shirts: they'll make tailor-made shirts for the same money (or less) than the off-the-peg shirts of Jermyn Street


...interesting.Thank you for the information!!!

Anonymous said...

Hackett tweed jackets are great!!

Anonymous said...

The best shirts qre the ones from Hildicth & Key

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