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Trumper, founded on 1875 in number 9 of Curzon street and with another store in of the 20 Jermyn st, already was distinguished by Queen Victoria and five subsequent monarchs. Their colonies of the collection that takes the name of its founder, and the one of extract of Lima are remarkable, roasted like their excellent creams and soaps of shaved, specially those of rose and violet. Equally its shaving brushes of tejón of high mountain of world-wide fame.

Floris, founded on 1730 in number 89 of Jermyn st has at the present time another store in number 703 of Madison avenue in New York. From the first royal warrant granted by King George IV in 1820 to today in which it shines those of Queen Elizabeth II and the one of the Prince of Wales, it has added sixteen royal appointments. Next to its masculine fragrances JF, Santal or Elite they are worthy of mention unisex from number 89 used by James Bond to special the 127 produced specially for the Great Duke of Russia Orloff in 1890. Or the line Zephyr you develop for the Savoy Hotel

Penhaligons,D.R.Harris,Truefitt & Hill and Taylor of old bond street

Penhaligons inagurada in 1870, emphasizes by its classic fragrances as they hamman bouquet of 1872 or blenheim created in 1890 for the Duke of Malborough, the favourite among others of Churchill to Andy Warhol. In number 29 of St James street we found perfumería of D.R.Harris (from 1790), in which they are possible to be found from traditional remedies like the reconstituyente Pick-me-up, to classic colonies like the Arlington happening through excellent aftershaves like the Pink, to extraordinaris fragrances of bath like “Verbena”. Truefitt & Hill of 1805 been in number of 71 St James street, is considered the barber's shop oldest of the world. Between its products it emphasizes the Trafalgar lines or a 1805 as well as product range for perfect and a placentero one shaved. And finally Taylor of old bond street
today located in Jermyn street, with an extensive variety of possibilities for shaved and its magnificent shoehorns of horn.

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