Monday, July 17, 2006


- Best ties brands

A good necktie is made up of three pieces. A clear example is Marinella , store of ties located in the seat Vittoria of Naples from 1914 and with outstanding personalities between its customer like Agnelli or George Bush. It offers to us more than 3,500 fabrics where to choose.

In England we must speak of Drake´s that emphasizes by the wide one of its neckties that de wears to the Duke Kent and Turnbull & asser, ties of highest quality and with an incredible fall in its silk. Without a doubt my favourites. Also in England is had to mention to Benson & clegg
, with its pretty ray neckties in representation of the regiments and Holliday & Brown, with ties sewn by hand.

In France it is Charvet with its store in the Vendome square and its sewn neckties by hand that enjoy the great prestige. Perhaps the most known is Hermes, that usually tells on diverse printings and that in my opinion they are not possible to be compared with previously mentioned. And finally I have to show my preference by the american knot on the windsor, although sure this is a question of pleasures.

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Hiding Pup said...

Which one's the American knot? I'm a double Windsor fan all the way but could be converted still...


Please go to and here is explained how to make several knots including the american one

Continental Drifts said...


Thanks for the tips to the knots!

Anonymous said...

Hermes and Charvet are two brands in different leagues. Hermes, with Zegna, Kiton and the rest are luxury brands that make inter alia neckties as well. Charvet on the other hand, with the likes of Robert Talbot, Kydos, Dolcepunta are the champions league of ties, specialising and creating master pieces